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Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (iSuN)

Münster University of Applied Sciences

At the iSuN, research-oriented professors from various departments (food technology, microbiology, nutrition sciences, energy, building services, environmental engineering, business administration and logistics) are working together to develop innovative concepts, products and services aiming at a more sustainable food sector.
The institute cooperates closely with different relevant stakeholders (e.g. retail, consumers (citizens), CSOs and policy makers). The entire life cycle of food products is considered, from initial product development stages to consumer utilisation. Regarding consumers, the iSuN focuses on different provisioning and consumption patterns as well as competencies on the topic of food. Next to this, the iSuN does research within the field of nutrition in order to develop innovative approaches of a healthier nutrition amongst the population. In the project NAHGAST iSuN developed a concept to enhance sustainability of food consumption in the out-of-home market or in the project S2M iSuN works on improving domestic food storage opportunities to reduce food waste. In the past, iSuN has also successfully completed several food waste reduction projects in the catering and the bakery branches. There, food waste was analysed, measures were developed (in participatory approaches with the employees), implemented and evaluated. iSuN is actively integrated in networking activities of the German-speaking food waste scene and is involved in European food waste-reduction projects (member of REFRESH steering committee).
iSuN is actively involved in WP 1 (Best novel practices and solutions for food waste prevention and reduction ) and 4 (Creating a holistic framework to support a more efficient food supply chain), which will be conducted in close cooperation with the other partners.


Fachhochschule Münster

Institut für Nachhaltige Ernährung (iSuN)

Corrensstraße 25

48149 Münster

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The project AVARE "Adding value in resource effective food systems" is a transnational project of the ERA-Net SUSFOOD2, funded by national funding agencies – Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany, The Research Council of Norway and Formas, The Swedish Research Council – and co-funded by the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.