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20 February 2019: Mattias Eriksson presents AVARE in Berlin

The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture started “Too good for the bin – Dialogue on the prevention of food waste in out of home catering”. At this event Mattias Eriksson presented the current actions in AVARE regarding Sweden and Norway. Afterwards he discussed the different measures with other guests and participants of the dialogue e.g. Dr. Richard Swanell (WRAP UK), Tanja Dräger de Teran (WWF) or Torsten von Borstel (United against waste e.V.).



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The project AVARE "Adding value in resource effective food systems" is a transnational project of the ERA-Net SUSFOOD2, funded by national funding agencies – Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany, The Research Council of Norway and Formas, The Swedish Research Council – and co-funded by the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.